Satellite TV

DIRECTV Satellite

Directv began its revolution of American television viewing in the summer of 1994. For new customers, this has meant unprecedented access to the best quality in television programming and technology. On the other hand, Directv satellite receivers for existing customers have also provided incredible improvements and advantages every year since 1994.

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Thanks to the subscription of new customers to new receivers, as well as the continuation of Directv satellite receivers for existing customers, this satellite television and entertainment company is one of the fastest selling consumer electronics product ever in the history of the electronics entertainment market. This includes the likes of such technologies as color televisions, CD players, and even VCRs. It’s truly amazing if you think about it.

Customers from the start have learned the advantages of the small satellite dishes that come with their subscription. These dishes act like antenna and pick up the signal sent down to Earth from the satellites. Customers also always get what’s known as a digital integrated receiver/decoder (IRD), or receiver for short. These are like the boxes that you are familiar with from cable. The satellite receiver, though, decodes what the dish brings in, separating each channel and translating it into your television’s “language.