Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet Access

You may have heard about DSL and cable hook up for your Internet, but they are tortoise slow compared to satellite internet. This latest form of Internet service can revolutionize how you work at home or at your office. It’s an amazing concept: the heavens are the limit to what you can do with the Web, literally.

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With satellite internet access, you create one of the fastest internet systems possible by establishing a link between a modem on your computer, a dish outside your building like you would use for satellite television or radio, and the distant satellite itself orbiting the planet thousands of miles up in space. It’s a connection that promises the future in Internet speed, accessibility, and convenience in the present. What’s more, you can also add private information networks and phone services to many of these satellite Web systems.

One of the most fascinating and attractive features of this form of Internet is its convenience. Using a satellite to pick up your Internet opens up a world of options for you. Your satellite dish can be attached to any vehicle or structure you can imagine almost. Try your pickup truck, your RV, or your trailer, not to mention your office, home, automobile, or boat. The options are limitless, as are the uses for this type of Internet service. Internet dishes could be used for everyday personal and business use, as well as special occasions such as emergency events and one-time promotions. When you think satellite dish, you imagine a tangle of wires and impossible set up instructions. Not so with these dishes. You can have them shipped in a matter of days and set up in a matter of minutes.

For big industrial strength jobs, satellite internet providers can set up what they call their “big dish