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Pure and Natural Nutraceuticals - Simply the BEST nutritional supplements. Good Affiliate Program.

Money Saving Ideas by Idea Queen - More frugal ideas.

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Fast and Functional,  Attractive and Affordable Websites, for Frugal Businesses and Startups


Frugal Does Not Mean Cheap!

Frugal business owners chose the best value for the dollar.

Our low COST options are not low QUALITY options.

I'm just starting my business and don't even have a logo yet!

I started a website, but ran out of time.

I've got a growing business, and need a website to maintain growth.

I'm totally clueless, and this is really intimidating.

I'm afraid that if I purchase a "low cost website" that I'll get ripped off.

I'm not sure I even NEED a website.

I have a non-profit Corporation.


  • We specialize in "cost containment", but we make sure your site does not look like you cut corners!
  • A site has to be functional, and good function includes a design that suits the target market and effectively showcases your marketing message.
  • A great "low cost" site will have everything that really matters, and nothing that doesn't.
  • Truly frugal sites cost as little as possible for the features you need, and insure that long term maintenance is also as inexpensive as possible.
  • We are experienced at working with business owners who have no experience with web design, so we know how to teach you what you need to know so you can make the best decision for your company.
  • Specialized small business website design experience that you can't find anywhere else!

Want to get started on your website now? We'll work with you so you get what you need, at a price you can afford. Check out the menu at the left for info on how we build sites, and package pricing, or use the menu above to find specialized options.


Stop Wondering Why Your "Company Provided Website" Isn't Getting Any Traffic!

Get the website you need to properly market your MLM or Direct Sales products, and to successfully promote your business opportunity. Your own REAL website opens marketing doors that are closed to people who try to just promote their company provided URL.

Complete 10 page "Company Policy Compliant" promotional website for your business, as low as $150!

Hosting, domain, and residual income. Good income opportunity for individuals with energy and enthusiasm. Minimal technical skills required. Good perceived value within target market. Read full honest review here.

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